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    Hakkari people mostly start to work before sunrise. Due to difficult natural conditions, working is difficult as well therefore foods rich in nutrients and energy are eaten in Hakkari. There are plenty of meat, egg, flour, butter, milk, cream and sugar in regional recipes.

    Devin Soup

    It is a soup prepared with cracked wheat, flour and red meats to give Hakkari people the energy required for difficult geographical conditions.

    Gulul Food

    It is made of yogurt, rice, butter, syrup and roasted flour. Yogurt is mashed into ayran and mixed on fire until boiling. When boiled, rice is added and the mixture is held on fire until thickened and hardened. When hardened, it is taken from fire ant put into dishes. After pitting in the middle, butter is poured and flour is spilled around. Also, syrup can be poured into pit optionally.


    Kepaye is made of intestine, tripe and minced meat and an essential recipe of Hakkari cuisine.


    Lalapet is a traditional Hakkari dessert similar with doughnut in appearance. Sorbet is poured onto dough prepared with ingredients such as butter, yogurt, egg and milk, then served with ground walnut. You should not end your tour without taste this dessert you can find in bakeries Hakkari city center especially during Ramadan.


    Doğaba is made of many ingredients, hard to prepare but worth to taste, and an important recipe among the traditional foods of Hakkari. This delicious food includes many ingredients such as aşure wheat, lamb shoulder or rib, strained yogurt, flour, egg.

    It is made of mashed wheat, bone-in meat, minced meat, broken rice, yogurt, parsley, salt, black pepper, chili pepper and thyme. Wheat is boiled in a saucepan, yogurt mashed into ayran is poured and stirred until boiling. After boiling, pre-boiled bone-in meats and little meatballs made of minced meat are added. And the mixture is boiled for another 15 minutes. A handful of thyme is added and pan is taken from fire. Food is put into dishes and hot butter seasoned with chili pepper is poured on top.


    In keledoş, a registered and listed in East Anatolia Cuisine as an 1800 years old recipe, dried wild weeds are used.

    Hakkari Kebabı

    The iconic Hakkari kebabı has a very different taste from other kebabs. You should try this food made of minced meat, tail fat, parsley and various spices and widely served in city restaurants.

    Otlu Peynir

    One of the most famous foods daily consumed in Hakkari is otlu peynir (herby cheese). It is prepared with milk and locale weeds such as siyabo, mend, so or sirk. It can be consumed in any meal but especially in breakfasts.