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  • 10 vibes for Hakkari

    like locals

    Meydan Madrassah is known as an important monumental building of Hakkari built in Ottomans period and protected its authenticity until today.

    At the summit of Cilo Sat Mountains National Park there are cirque and glacial lakes where is convenient not only for hiking also for scientific climbing.

    Within the national park, there are more than twenty Cilo Sat lakes, rock paintings, Mergan Glaciers being presumably 20,000 years old, Heaven-Hell Valley, Türkiye's second highest mountain Reşko Summit (4168 mt.), historical churches, plateaus and a unique flora/fauna.

    Reşko Summit is Türkiye's second highest mountain.

    Painters of Rock Paintings are not known and has a 5000 years old mystery.

    Mergabütan Ski Center services until the end of April with its 900 meters long teleski and three floor mountain huts.

    Stone Bridge is from Ottoman period and connecting Derecik-Iraq main road.

    Hakkari Carpet are used as wall cover, bedspread, ground rug, sofa cover, cradle, salt bag, camel cover, saddle bag, travelling rug, parzun (a backpack), kolan (woven band) etc.

    Reversed Tulip: Reversed Tulip, an endemic species of Hakkari natural flora, is very important as a decoration plant due to its fragile, showy and beautiful flowers glooming during early spring and autumn.

    Zab River: When it comes to Hakkari, it is the very first river to remember. Zab River brings its water to Dicle River south of Mosul and crosses the city roughly from north to south, besides it is the fastest river of Türkiye.

    Keledoş: In keledoş, a registered and listed in East Anatolia Cuisine as an 1800 years old recipe, dried wild weeds are used.