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    Cilo Sat Mountains National Park

    Cilo Sat Mountains National Park (Cilo Sat Dağları Milli Parkı) is located at İki Yaka Mountains in Yüksekova district. At the summit of Cilo Sat Mountains National Park there are cirque and glacial lakes where is convenient not only for hiking also for scientific climbing. There are glaciers, glacial lakes and cert diversified wild animals on these mountains.

    Each being a natural wonder, these areas are suitable for winter sports and recreational activities. Cilo Sat Mountains National Park provides mountaineers many opportunities with no need for using any auxiliary equipment and tools and is an important ecological center and outdoor sports area. Mountain has many routes in different difficulty levels preferred by climbers according to their experience, as well as is rich in natural landscapes.

    Reşko Summit (Reşko Zirvesi), the second highest summit in Türkiye, (4168 m.) is located in Cilo Glacier Mountains. Hakkâri mountains are formed within Alpine-Himalayas Folding System. This ensures, Hakkâri Mountains forming Southeast Taurus range to have an uneven morphology.

    Koçanis Church

    The church is in a valley in Konak (Koçanis) village 18 km away from Hakkâri centrum. In past, the church was patriarchate for Assyrians, but had become inoperable when left 100 years ago while Assyrians were migrating from Hakkari. There is a tablet in Assyrian language having eight lines placed on west side towards the upper section near the roof of facade. There are two circular shadow clocks in church, one is below this tablet and the other is on the ground near center.

    Meydan Madrassah

    Meydan Madrassah (Meydan Medresesi) has a tablet at the entrance indicating that the building had been constructed in 1700-1701. Madrassah has a rectangular plan and classified in a group which having court and two floors. Meydan Madrassah is an important monumental building of Hakkari built in Ottomans period and protected its authenticity until today.

    Berçelan Plateau

    Berçelan Plateau (Berçelan Yaylası) and surrounding provide mountaineering, skiing, hiking opportunities and has a beautiful flora. Berçelan Plateau is like the other plateaus where locale people migrating to feed their animals, to evaluate their products and to live in traditional black tents in summer. Plateau is 18 km north of Hakkari centrum and suitable for mountaineering and skiing sports. Seyithan and Lis Glacial Lakes near the plateau are the other wonders.

    Golan Plateau (Golan Yaylası), west of Berçelan Plateau is another location having a potential for ski tourism.

    Nehri Stone Bridge

    Nehri Stone Bridge (Nehri Taş Köprü) is an Ottoman period monument being on Şemdinli Creek, 13 km away from county town, and four km away from Nehri (Bağlar) Village. The bridge connecting Derecik-main road to Iraq. The bridge is in a deep valley between high mountains and both its legs are settled on rock ground. It is 11 meters high, 21 meters long and building date can be said at the beginning of 20th century.

    Zab River

    When it comes to Hakkari, the very first river to remember is Zab River (Zab Nehri). Being the biggest river of the city, Zab River, brings its water to Dicle River south of Mosul and crosses the city roughly from north to south. 

    Zab River has ideal conditions for water sports. There is 189 km track on Zab River for rafting. Zab River is one of the fastest rivers of Türkiye and provides various rafting tracks convenient for both newbies and professionals looking for high adrenaline.

    Bay Castle

    Bay Castle (Bay Kalesi) is south of and eight km away from the city, at 2025 meters altitude on a steep and rocky hill. Because of ceramic shards around, it is thought there have been settlements here from Iron Age to the end of Middle Age. Climbing lovers may climb Bay Castle through both north and south.

    Mergabütan Ski Center

    As there are many mountains and plateaus at high altitude where snow depth reaches up to four meter in winter, you can enjoy skiing in Hakkari at least six months a year. Hakkari is one the cities opening ski season at the earliest and closing at the latest. Snow quality of Hakkari is very suitable for skiing and winter sports. Hakkari is a natural wonder, where you can ski in a fresh and beautiful weather, have a mountain air. There are many tracks suitable for both amateur and professional skiers.

    Mergabütan Ski Center (Mergabütan Kayak Merkezi), being 12 away from centrum and at 2700 meters altitude, provide service until the end of April with a 1165 meter long 4 seats chair lift system, 680 meters long teleski, a 3 floors cafeteria, a 2 floors restaurant and a 4-star hotel having a capacity of 125 persons which is still under construction. Ski center is north of the city.

    Rock Paintings

    The rock paintings near the summit Cilo Mountain at 4135 mt. altitude in Yüksekova district draw significant attention.

    It is still unknown who draw the rock paintings (kaya resimleri) consisting of animal, human and symbolic shapes those can be seen near the summit while touring Cilo Mountain and surrounding plateau and natural beauties.

    Kayme Palace

    Kayme Palace (Kayme Sarayı), north of old settlements existing in Şemdinli Bağlar Village borders has been built in 1909 - 1911 according to the tablets. Building is restored in 2017 and important in terms of religion tourism as Seyyid Taha El Hakkari, one of the mystics of Ottomans period, provided Islamic knowledge and spiritual and ethic guidance here.


    Hakkari Stelas (Hakkari Stelleri) are located on northwest slope of Çölemerik Castle within today's Dağgöl Neighborhood in centrum and includes 13 obelisks in total. Stelas, even not exactly, are dated at the middle of 2000s BCE. The most important feature of stelas is that their facade is filled with human, animal and combat weapon figures with engraving and lining technique. 11 of those stones include naked and warrior male figures and two includes human figures. The builders of stelas still remain a mystery.

    Çukurca Stone Houses (Castle Houses)

    Çukurca Stone Houses (Çukurca Taş Evler) consist of 26 houses considered 400 years old in Çukurca district and are important stone masonry icons of the district. Their authentic architecture and mighty silhouette add an extra beauty to Çukurca.