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  • Hakkari GoTürkiye

    Hakkari, being surrounded with mountains 87.6%, and having a steep and hard geography, had been used by archaic civilizations such as Urartus, Assyrians, Medians, Persians, Sasanians, Omayyads, Abbasids, Great Seljuks,

    Zengui, İlkhanids, Timurids and Ottomans throughout the history. Hakkari is at the southwest corner of Türkiye, surrounded by mountains, and is waiting to be explored with its history and many natural beauties.

    It has been always difficult to dominate Hakkari by different empires and states due to its geography and Hakkari had been mostly remained independent. Therefore, regional people had socio-politically organized in tribes. Hakkari has many things to learn about and to explore!